Citi e for education

The fifth campaign begins 11th September and runs until 17th November

Citi FXLM will donate $1 for every $1 million of FX that you trade on existing eCommerce venues

+ BoostersMultiply your donation x10 for all Algo, Mobile, NDF and Options trades

Teach First

In Britain today, 3.6 million children are growing up in poverty. These children are less likely to do well at school, get a decent job and lead a happy, healthy life. Support Teach First and help children from the poorest homes get the education they deserve.

All Contributions to Teach First will be utilized in United Kingdom

Fallen Patriots

It was 1989, a few short days before Christmas, when Sergeant William Delaney Gibbs of the 7th Infantry Division was killed in action during Operation Just Cause in Panama. Sgt. Gibbs left behind a young wife and an unborn daughter. Sgt. Gibbs's heroic sacrifice inspired a man who served with him named David Kim to establish the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation as a way to help Sgt. Gibbs' daughter and the thousands of children like her.

David Kim established Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation in 2002 in Greenwich, CT and as the non-profit organization grew, he moved the headquarters to Jacksonville FL in 2013. Mr. Kim remains President of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and focuses on growing the organization with the support from people around the country.

All Contributions to Fallen Patriots will be utilized in North America

Civic Builders

We build great schools. Inner city families desperately need and want better schools so their children can succeed. Civic Builders teams up with the best educators to make these schools possible – help us bring brand new state of the art public schools to needy neighborhoods.

All Contributions to Civic Builders will be utilized in North America

Room to Read

Room to Read is a learning organization that works in collaboration with local governments and communities to improve literacy for primary school children and provide quality education for girls across Asia and Africa. Since 2000, the organization has implemented programs through local staff who understand the country context and it depends on a robust monitoring and evaluation platform to measure results and report back to investors. In a world where more than 750 million people are still illiterate, Room to Read has already reached 11.5 million children and aims to help 15 million children by 2020.

All Contributions to Room to Read will be utilized in Asia / Africa


The right to education was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in every subsequent major international human rights agreement. Nevertheless, access to education falls far short of these goals. Around the globe, over 70 million children aren’t in school. For those that are, overcrowded classrooms, poorly trained teachers, and inadequate materials conspire against learning. Even those who finish their education often lack basic skills. And, in many places, girls face additional barriers that limit their schooling.

All Contributions to EMpower will be utilized in Eastern Europe / Asia / Latam / Africa


Since 2000, SkillForce has changed the lives of 50,000 young people in the UK, engaging the hard-to-reach, developing their skills, and preparing them for next steps in education, work or training.

We are working with 150 schools in England, Scotland and Wales. SkillForce's approach is to Engage, Prepare and Develop, helping young people take the next steps in their lives.

SkillForce gets results because we understand that some students need a tailored approach. All Contributions to SkillForce will be utilized in United Kingdom

Uncommon Schools

Uncommon Schools starts and manages 42 high-performing urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college. For more than 12,000 K-12 students in New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey, a 2013 CREDO study found that Uncommon Schools “completely cancel[s] out the negative effect associated with being a student in poverty.” Uncommon Schools is committed to not only providing students with opportunities to achieve at the highest levels, but also operating schools that require no private philanthropy at full enrollment, demonstrating the viability of a systematic solution for improving urban education. By supporting Uncommon Schools now, you provide critical start-up support as Uncommon grows to serve 18,500 students across the Northeast.

All Contributions to Uncommon Schools will be utilized in North America


For every $1 million of FX traded on our eCommerce venues, Citi FXLM will donate
to 7 education-focused charities

"Boosters" mean donations are multiplied by 10 for Algo, Mobile, NDF and Options trades
so that's $10 for every $1 million traded

Since 2013, donations from Citi e for education have totalled more than
with every cent going to our charity partners

Last year's donations enabled our charity partners to enhance the lives of over
children worldwide



  • 11
    Campaign Launch
  • 12
    Press Release
  • 25
    Citi Velocity University Launch
  • TBC
    Citi New York Trade Floor Visit
  • 16
    Press day
  • 16
    CitiFX Tech Innovation Lab
  • 24
    Client Roundtable London – FX Global Code
  • 25
    Skillforce Luncheon at Tower of London
  • TBC
    Citi Singapore Trade Floor Visit
  • TBC
    Citi London Trade Floor Visit
  • TBC
    London CV Clinic
  • 17
    Campaign Ends
  • 28
    Closing Client Event and Cheque Presentation

  • 1. Where can I find out more information about the campaign and associated marketing events?
    Under the Events section on the e for Education website or from your local Citi sales representative.
  • 2. Does CitiFX electronic pricing become wider to account for donations?
    No, all donations are made by CitiFX. The e For Education campaign will NOT impact pricing on any eChannel to which Citi provides liquidity. We continue to strive to have the most competitive pricing in the Foreign Exchange business.
  • 3. Which eCommerce platforms are included in the e for education initiative?
    Both proprietary and non-proprietary channels are included in this year’s initiative. To find out if your FX trades generate donations, please speak to your sales representative.
  • 4. Will any FX product I trade with CitiFX count as volume towards this initiative?
  • 5. Can I trade with CitiFX, but not participate in the e for Education campaign?
    Yes. All users, new as well as existing, may choose to opt out of the campaign. Please contact your Citi salesperson for assistance.
  • 6. Can I choose which charity to support?
    No, proceeds generated during the duration of the campaign will be equally distributed across all the named charities
  • 7. What are the 7 participating organizations?
  • 8. How long is the e for education campaign running for?
    A ten week period, commencing on the 11th September until the 17th November
  • 9. Will all my FX trades count equally in terms of donation contribution?
    No, Algo, Mobile, NDF and Options volume will generate 10x the normal contribution rate, that is for every $1 million of Algo, Mobile, NDF or Options volume that you trade through any eChannel with CitiFX, Citi will donate $10

If you would like to participate in the campaign, please contact our regional eSales teams
Wyatt Flores
Ayesa Latif
Joyce Skidell
For any other enquires, please contact us at