Asian University for Women

Despite recent strides made in primary education, women from poor families, religious and ethnic minorities, and remote regions overwhelmingly drop off in secondary school, terminating greater aspirations for themselves and their communities. Asian University for Women (AUW) was founded in 2008 as an independent international university where adolescent girls and women in some of the challenging areas of Asia and the Middle East are recruited to pursue college education on its campus. To date, it has graduated over 1200 young women from across 18 countries, a majority of whom have been the first in their family to enter university. AUW students have toiled on Bangladesh’s ready-made garment factory floors, survived as refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar, and have travelled to campus from remote ethnic Hazara communities in Afghanistan. Armed with AUW’s top-rated liberal arts and science education, our students graduate as leaders who carry their life experiences with conviction to centers of power, where they can create new visions of change for the region and world.

All contributions to the Asian University for Women are used to support student scholarships for women who show courage, an outrage at injustice, and empathy for the woes of others.

Children of Fallen Patriots

Their mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counselling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. The vision is to ensure that every child of a fallen patriot receives the necessary college funding.

Civic Builders

Civic Builders was established in 2002 to address the immediate need for charter school facilities support. By assuming development responsibilities such as financing, design and construction, Civic Builders helps new charter schools open and grow charter schools to reach more students.

Since completing the first school building opening in 2004, Civic Builders has partnered with the best educators to build inspiring schools in under-served neighborhoods such as Harlem, South Bronx, Newark and more.

Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label is a global youth charity.  For over 10 years, we’ve been on a mission to help young people aged 12-25 overcome the issues that affect them the most. Whether that’s bullying, mental health, relationships, identity or the tough stuff in-between, we’re here. We provide digital safe spaces, direct support, education programmes, public campaigns and world-class research.

We are social innovators at the cutting edge of digital engagement, using social media for good. We are incredibly passionate about ensuring young people get the help and support they need and deserve in order to thrive.


EMPower empowers marginalized young people in emerging market countries to reach their fullest potential. With partnership at the heart of their work, they collaborate with, learn from and are inspired by their global community of grantee partners, supports and colleagues all to support young people in addressing important challenges.

Malala Fund

The fund works for a world where every girl can learn and lead. The fund established in 2013 to champion every girl's right to 12 years free, safe and quality education. Malala Fund works in regions where the most girls miss out on secondary education.

Pencils of Promise

It began with the question "What do you want most in the world?"  The young boy's response, "A pencil," ignited a movement.  Pencils of Promise is a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. We’re reshaping the landscape of education by creating schools, programs, and global communities around this common goal of education for all.  Since our founding in 2008, Pencils of Promise has supported the building of over 560 schools and is currently serving over 110,000 students in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos.


For almost 30 years Plac2Be have provided mental health services in schools in the UK. They believe that no child or young person should have to face mental health problems alone. Their team across the UK passionately supports pupils to manage challenges in their lives.

Reach the World

Reach the World believes that all youth need a global network to help them activate their own global journeys through work and life. They transform the energy of travellers into a learning resource for K-12 children. Their programs use the web, messaging and video conferencing to connect young travellers in one-on-one global virtual exchanges. Their networks are helping to build a more thoughtful and welcoming society by sharing the eye-opening benefits of travel with the youth of today, who will be the decision makers of tomorrow.

Room to Read

Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, they develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Teach First

Their challenge is to unlock the potential in all children, not just some, by building a fair education for all. By supporting schools facing the biggest challenges, helping to develop inspiring teachers and connecting schools to network support.

Teach For All

Is a network of 61 independent, locally led and governed partner organizations and a global organization that works to recruit and develop promising future leaders to teach in their nations' under-resourced schools and communities.

Uncommon Schools

Established in 1997, Uncommon Schools opened the doors to their first public charter school in Newark. Their mission is to provide an outstanding education for students and they now operate 53 schools serving 20,000 students across Boston, Camden, NYC, Newark, Rochester and Troy.